Bobby Hebb Studio

This site is a tribute to the legacy of a legendary performer, song writer and pioneer for civil rights. His song, ‘Sunny’ is one of most performed pop songs of all time, but most people do not know how it came to be, as well as his background in Nashville. Bobby was one of the first people of color  to appear at The Grand Ol’ Opry and he toured with the Beatles and other legendary stars.  Here you will find the stories about how it all started, photo’s and performances as well as links to all those versions of ‘Sunny”.

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The Adventures of Papa and Sunshine

Kitoto Sunshine Love lives an Southern California, and works in the entertainment field. Her favorite books as a child were Mr. Silly, Cinderella, and Howard’s Purple Crayon. She also loved ‘choose your own adventures books’.She also writes music, and stars in two podcasts in Burbank and Hollywood. Kitito Sunshine Love based her stories on her relationship with her father, but most of is is fiction. Kitoto Sunshine Love’s favorite books today are ‘You2″ and “You are the Greatest Miracle in the World”.